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Stonehill News FAQs:

Q: What is an Email Loop?

A: It is just a different name for an email list. Anyone who is subscribed will receive email that is sent by another subscriber to the Loop address which is

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the list?

A: Send an email *from* the address you want removed to The subject and body will be ignored.

Q: What if I want to unsubscribe an address I can't easily send a message from?

A: Send an email to me directly, and I will help you.

Q: Who is in this Loop?

A: This privately owned list is open to the public. Anyone with a valid email address may subscribe to the list. Please only send information to the list that is appropriate for the general public. No phone numbers, personal email addresses of other people, street addresses, etc. No personal information about others unless you have express permission. In general, it is likely that only people who live in our area will be interested in being subscribed, but there is no practical way to restrict membership by geographical location. Even if there was the point of the list is to foster open communication, so we welcome anyone who is interested in participating. That being said, anyone who behaves in an inappropriate manner may be excluded at my sole discretion.

Q: How do I post to the Loop?

A: Send email to or reply to an email posted to the Loop, and your message will post to the whole group.

Q: What about Spam?

A: The subscribed addresses on this list will never be shared with anyone. If somehow a spammer gets the Loop address their messages will never reach us and will be automatically bounced back to them, as only subscribers may post to the Loop. If a spammer subscribes himself to the Loop, it is trivial to ban the address.

Q: I don't see the answer to my question.

A: Please email me or post it to the Loop. I will continue to compile FAQs at